Me Tie Dough​-​ty Walker

by Perhapsy

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Me Tie Dough-ty Walker is the sophomore album by Perhapsy (Oakland-based songwriter/guitarist Derek Barber of Astronauts, etc and Bells Atlas).


released March 3, 2016

All songs by Derek Barber

Album Art by Derek Barber
Layout by Ginger Fierstein

Produced/Mixed by Jonathan Thompson
Produced/Mixed by Derek Barber
Produced by Bijan Sharifi
Mastered by Bijan Sharifi

Derek Barber - Vox, Guitars, Bass, Keys, Mandolin, Lap-Steel
Jon Thompson - Drums, Keys, Vox, Lap-Steel
Christian Carpenter - Bass
Scott Brown - Bass
Bijan Sharifi - Percussion
Matt Fearon - Cello


all rights reserved



Perhapsy Oakland, California

New album here:
Perhapsy is the solo project of musician/graphic-artist Derek Barber, guitarist and songwriter of Oakland-based group Bells Atlas and former contributor to Curls (Christopher Owens of Girls), Astronauts, etc., and Madeline Kenney. ... more

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Track Name: Fields
When you lay down to sleep
Do you dream
Of unspeakable things
Like I do?

And in the silence you see
What it means
There's no one waiting for you

Fields are haunted
Strange lights

And what you say is a sin
A breakdown
To the point you begin
With no sound

And all that matters
Is here
When you know
That all that matters is now

Fields are haunted
Strange lights
Track Name: All My Soul Swallowed
And soon you've got to follow
But I've got nothing left to lose

All my soul swallowed
All my soul swallowed

But you don't even bother
And I may soon follow suit

All my soul swallowed
All my soul swallowed

I've seen a forest fire
In my mind, I've seen it clear

All my soul swallowed
All my soul swallowed

The ashes raining down on
Me and you, we never knew

All my soul swallowed
All my soul swallowed

You needed someone to cling to
And I knew it from the start

All my soul swallowed
All my soul swallowed

Now that this friendship's over
Well, I'll pretend and play the part

All my soul swallowed
All my soul swallowed
All my soul swallowed
All my soul swallowed
Track Name: Every Now And Then
Burn the bridges that you cross
Burn the pages you say were lost
Every part that you can't see
Is revealed to me

In this solitary way
Every day is like today
Where it ends is where it ends
Every now and then

Now the time is nearly come
For you to laugh and come undone
Spin those words just like a wheel
Show him how you feel

To the point of letting go
See it die now see it grow
Where it ends is where it ends
Every now and then
Track Name: Home Alone, Home Alone 2
I walk home, alone with you
It's okay I wanted to
It's okay to be free when
It's okay to be a freak
I know...

Oh, I tried to
Oh, I tried to say...

I watch Home Alone with you
It's alright I wanted to
It's alright to be free when
It's alright to be a thief
I know...

Oh, I tried to
Oh, I tried to stay...

Oh, I tried to
Oh, I tried to say...
Track Name: Eyes
Try another song
Until you get along
Your eyes

Tell the stories of how you will know
The difference between the stop and go
In mornings of true love
Or so you think

Fly another kite
Until you get it right
Your eyes

Tell the glorious of how you get off
With nothing but forced love
And softest kisses that feel hardly soft
It won't stop

Shed another tear
That one that brings her near
Her eyes

Tell the story of how she will know
The difference between love
And so much heartache
That feels hardly so
Until you recognize all you know
Like a weight crushing you
Even though it's not what you had planned on
And so you hurry but now it's time to go
So you stop
Track Name: Showers
When I tried to call you
When I tried to reach you
You were always in the shower

And if you knew how much it meant
For me to hear your voice
Would you stay in the shower?


And so, I grew tall
And went on several dates with girls
Who didn't take no showers

But what really bugged me
Wasn't all those girls
But weeds of time killing love's flower


And still, not a day goes by
When I don't think about you
And of all the hours...
Spent thinking about you
Imagining, me too, with you
In the showers.

Track Name: So Far
You laid your head
Face down on the bed
You hid your eyes
Away from me and said,
You'll not get hurt...

And on that walk
I felt so safe
Didn't you too?
Or was it all erased
When you said,
You'll not get hurt...

And so shall it be
In the beginning as in the end
We'll meet again
Introduced as friends
And we'll get hurt.

Don't say you will
Don't say you won't
Don't say anything
Track Name: Psalm For David And Jonathan
I wanna
And I
I told ya
Why I wanna

You feel so good in me...
You feel so good.

You wanna
And you
You told me
Why you wanna

I feel so good in you...
I feel so good.

We wanna
We wanna
Track Name: Secret Tattoo
I watched you slowly
Slowly undress
A tattoo, only
Only I confess

That I
For a moment, I
In a moment, I
Just a moment, I
Loved you

You watch me only
Only to see
Something that slowly
Slowly could be

And you
For a moment, you
In a moment, you
Just a moment, you
Loved me
Track Name: Morning Star
It's been a long day
And I don't know what to say
I say nothing

You look so tired
Skin is like wire frame
A frame stretched too thin

You are the morning star

It gets darker
So much earlier now
And now we find ourselves lost

But if you took my hand
We'll figure out what comes next
And next is all there is

You are the morning star
Track Name: Not Much More
Watch what you say
I know it'll end this way
You've always had to pay no mind
No mind
But I still try

And in time you'll see
Just what you're meant to be
It always worries me that I still lie
Next to you I try

So you think it's smart
And you'll call it art
But it's just a start
And not much more
And not much more

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